Get a Head Start in the Home Moving Process

Local lawyers are launching a new initiative to speed up the house buying and selling process.

Working together under the Fastmove banner, 13 law firms in Plymouth and South East Cornwall have developed a Quick Start Pack for home movers.

The pack, which will cost no more than £50, includes a copy of title deeds, legal documents and answers to standard questions, allowing home movers to be completely ready to proceed when a buyer is found.

Steven Hudson, of Fastmove, says: “Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful life experiences.

Things don’t always progress as quickly as you would like them to. Searches, enquiries and contracts can seem to take forever.

That’s why Fastmove law firms are working together to speed up the process.”

The best time to instruct a Fastmove conveyancing firm to prepare a Quick Start Pack is when a home is put on the market.

When an offer is accepted, the contract can be delivered to the buyer’s conveyancer without delay, thereby speeding up the moving date.

Using a local solicitor who is part of the Fastmove group will mean dealing with someone with local knowledge and who is easy to contact.

In addition, a price comparison by Fastmove firms found that home movers could save up to £1000.

Further information can be found by visiting the website at where there are helpful moving hints and links to all members.

The Fastmove law firms are: Blight Skinnard, Caunters, Curtis Whiteford Crocker, Earl & Crocker, Evans Harvey Ltd, Gard & Co, Gill Akaster, Howard & Over, Kings Solicitors, Mark Grassam, Nash & Co, Thompson & Jackson and Woollcombe Yonge.

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